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How to use Fragrance Oil Burners, Candles and Incense Safely

Safety Warning for Fragrance oil burners, candles, candle holders, incense, incense burners and ash catchers:

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.
  • Always place items with a candle or incense on a suitable heatproof surface, away from flammable objects such as fabrics and curtains.
  • Do not use candles or incense in a draft.
  • A standard good quality tea light should be used for all our tea light holders and oil burners.  Do not use a large tea light or votive candle unless specified on the individual product.
  • Oil burners, incense burners and candle holders may get hot while in use, take care when moving them.  Always allow enough time for the holder to cool down before handling.
  • Oil burners are for use with diluted fragrance oils only, they are not suitable for wax melts or other wax products unless otherwise stated.
  • Hanging or outdoor candles and candle holders should be secured carefully and should not be used in adverse weather conditions.


  • How do tart or wax burners differ from a normal oil burner?

Tart or wax burners are very similar to oil burners.  The difference between them comes down to size and the way the products respond to heat.  Wax melts are obviously solid when cool and liquid when hot so tart burners often have a larger dish to hold the melted wax.  Always make sure your dish size is suitable for the wax when melted.  Wax also gets hotter more quickly and can take longer to cool and solidify.  

Wax burners are often larger than oil burners so that the distance between the top of the flame when lit and the melting dish is greater.  That means the wax heats more slowly and evenly. There are also electric wax melt burners that heat the wax from the heat of an electric bulb. We sell both candle and electric aroma lamps.  Standard tart burners use a tea light, whereas the electric burners have a small bulb inside that heats the wax in a dish.

  • How do electric wax burners work?

Each aroma lamp or electric wax burner comes with a bulb and dish inside a decorative plastic or glass outer.  The heat from the bulb melts the wax to release the fragrance. Aroma burners usually have multiple settings and all our tart burners come with instructions and safety information, which should be read before use.

  • What are wax melts?

Wax melts are small shapes, often disks or spheres, of solidified wax that has been enhanced with oils or botanicals, that when melted in an appropriate burner, fills your home with fragrance. Each wax melt can be reheated several times and the fragrance normally lasts about 20 hours. Once the fragrance has evaporated let the wax solidify then remove and dispose of in the normal waste.

  • Can I use fragrance oils in a tart burner?

It depends on the type of burner you have.  Our tea light tart burners are all suitable for use with water and a few drops of oil, our electric aroma burners are only for use with wax melts.

  • Is it ok to use wax melts in an oil burner?

Tea light tart burners may be suitable for use with both water and oils or wax melts. However, not all oil burners are suitable for use with both  - check the product description and labelling carefully, it should clearly state which media are suitable for use with the item.