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2-3kg Salt Lamp on Wooden Base

2-3kg Salt Lamp on Wooden Base
 2-3kg Salt Lamp on Wooden Base2-3kg Salt Lamp on Wooden Base 
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This beautiful Himalayan Salt Lamp is Rock Salt or Halite from the Khewra salt mines, in Khewra, Punjab region of Pakistan. Mounted on a wooden base, this electric lamp lighting system is powered by mains supply. A beautiful display piece when unlit, but a stunning piece when illuminated. They are lit from the inside with a bulb, and the combination gives off a relatively dim, amber light. The appeal isn’t just visual, many believe that salt lamps have health benefits from curing asthma to detoxing a room. Some say they improve air quality, help you lose weight, balance your hormones, decrease muscle cramps, deepen sleep, and elevate your mood, although none these health benefits have been confirmed by research.

These Himalayan Salt Lamps come with a Certificate of Authenticity and Quality CE Certified Fittings.

  • SIze: 15-20cm tall x 10-15cm diameter approx.
  • Weight: 2-3kg


Care of your Salt Lamp:

Although salt lamps are very durable items and can last decades if used correctly, incorrect usage or negligence could lead to many problems including frequent bulb fuses, broken cords or damage to furniture!  There are several things that you need to be careful of as a salt lamp owner: since a salt lamp is essentially a block of organic salt, it does naturally 'suck in' moisture from the air.  Because of this there are some thing you definitely should do, and not do with salt lamps:

  • Do not place your salt lamp in a room/area with naturally high moisture levels, like a bathroom, laundry, basement, attic or kitchen. In these environments your lamp will collect excessive moisture and start dripping. This will lead to damage of the lamp, the base and the cord and bulb fitting as well. 
  • Do not place your lamp directly on glass, marble, wooden, leather or other delicate surfaces as they will scratch the surface, and may 'sweat' when damp, so always place on a mat.
  • Do keep your lamp on. The number one tip for keeping preventing your salt lamps from sweating is to keep your lamp on for at least 12-16 hours a day, every day. Keeping your lamp on keeps the salt block warm and evaporates any excess moisture. The bulbs used in salt lamps are very low wattage, typically 10-20W bulbs, so use very little energy.
  • Turn your lamp off  If your lamp starts 'crying' or 'sweating'. If it has been left switched off for a long time, placed next to an open window or in a high moisture environment, you will need to dry it out before use. First ensure your lamp is unplugged, and then using a dry lint-free cloth, gently dab the surface of the lamp until it’s dry. Do not wipe or use a cloth with lint or a paper towel as it will scrape the lamp and tiny bits may break off the rock. Once you have dried your lamp, turn it back on so that it heats up and any remaining moisture will then evaporate off.
  • If you are not going to use your lamp for an extended period (eg: more than 1 week), place it in a plastic bag, preferably a seal-able one, to reduce moisture collection.

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