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Worried about the cost of Christmas? Dont be - read on for some great money saving tips.



Christmas costs most of us a small fortune, but there are ways to save some money and still buy the same lovely presents and gifts for your family and loved ones. 

Online shopping is great, but don't be fooled into believing the best prices can be had in the larger online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. With their high fees for sellers, prices are increased to cover the sellers costs. No surprise there for most of us, but there are lots of other online marketplaces, where sellers are selling the same items, but at cheaper prices, as the selling costs are much lower.

How many of you have heard of these auction sites - eBid, Etsy, eCRATER, iOffer? There are dozens if you look hard enough: not all are USA based - there are some are UK based. Some specialise in certain types of products, while others cover everything.

We have tried both Amazon and eBay previously, but have always been annoyed by the high selling costs compared to selling directly from our our own website - why should we have to add 15% to our selling price to cover the cost of selling on eBay? We don't profit from it, and the customer certainly doesn't get the best price. With this is mind we have decided to open new stores on eBid and eCRATER, selling exactly what we sell on our own website, and more importantly, AT THE SAME PRICE.

You can find our stores on the following links:  eBid   eCRATER

We have also found a fantastic new range of personalised products and these can be found here: Personalised Gifts

So, don't feel you have to compromise on your Christmas spending, just spend more wisely, and have a very Merry Christmas.


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